OLIVENZA Hermitage of the Immaculate Conception


This hermitage was formerly called Santa Quiteria, and its date of foundation is unknown, although fellowship was active well into the 19th century. Today we only have the information provided by the inscription on its facade. It indicates that it was offered in the year 1620 by the mayordomo and other officials of fellowship, whose names are listed.


It has a simple, whitewashed façade. In the lower part, flanked by two barred doorways, the main door can be seen, with a marble frame finished off with a triangular gable at the top.

On the upper level, there is a single square window with no ornamentation. The whole façade is topped by a pediment with no base or other elements except for acroteria at the ends, with spherical tips.

At the top of the pediment, a simple belfry ornated with lateral curls supports a bell.


It has only one floor, in a rectangle, under a barrel vault. Two important pieces stand out: the main altarpiece and the pulpit. The latter has an impressive forged structure.

The main altarpiece is made of marble, in Neoclassical style. The main chapel is closed with a semi-circular arch. The side areas are composed of rectangular niches in the upper part and semi-circular arches in the lower part. Inside a niche above the tabernacle, the image of Our Lady of the Conception is venerated. Four classical columns flack the whole structure.

The image of Our Lady of the Conception that is venerated here is the focus of special celebrations throughout the month of May. In addition, a prayer service is held for her in December, when the image is taken to the church of Santa María Magdalena.


Opening hours


Monday to Saturday: 9:00-14:00


Monday and Friday: 18:00-22:00