OLIVENZA Don José Hidalgo Parochial Schools Museum

Through a series of panels located on the various walls of a room you can learn the story of the priest who, having arrived in Olivenza in 1933, began his teaching career with the construction of the Academia Obrera in 1936 to teach girls in need.

Later on, he would adapt different spaces for teaching, adding to his project Castora Valencia, who educated students of different ages in her ''school'' in her home. Little by little the educational project grew until 1944 when the first steps were taken to build the present-day Sacred Heart Parochial Schools.

The material exhibited is related to the educational activities of the centre, personal objects of the founder and materials such as diaries and panels with historical photographs of the evolution of the institution.

Location: Escuelas Parroquiales del Sagrado Corazón. C/ Fuerte, 8.

Hours: To arrange a visit please call (0034) 924 490 111