OLIVENZA Watchtower of San Amaro


Near San Benito de la Contienda, at an elevation of 404m, at the following coordinates 38°39'00” N 7°7'50” W

It owes its name to the mountain range on which it sits. It is almost the same size as that of the Moitas; however, it has been well preserved because, although an entrance hole was made in the lower level, it was blocked (although recently the hole has been partially opened again) and also because it is difficult to access. In any case, there is no staircase, so it is not possible to climb beyond that level. To avoid deterioration, visitors should not try to enter the building.

It can be reached by the road from Olivenza to Cheles. Before reaching San Benito, you can see this watchtower on a hilltop. You will have to leave the road, around the kilometre mark 4.800, at the gate of a farm. You can leave your vehicle next to the stone wall and then walk up a path along a dividing wall. Walking up in the same direction you will reach the area near the tower. Here the access becomes complicated because you have to cross a series of big rocks and crevices until you reach the watchtower.

From the summit, you can see the beautiful landscape with Portugal to the west, the city of Olivenza to the north, the Alor mountain range to the east and the lands of Alconchel with its castle to the south.

This watchtower is also divided into three levels, but as indicated above, the interior is not accessible. The configuration of its sections is approximately the same as that of the Moitas, with the use of the same materials and elements.