OLIVENZA Paso of Calle de Santa Lucía


These small altars are stations of the Via Sacra, located in some of the streets of Olivenza. They are related to the Domingo de Pasos (Passion Sunday), when the image of the Saint Patron of Olivenza, the Señor de los Pasos (the Nazarene who is venerated in Santa María Magdalena), is carried in a procession along the road to the Calvary. They are the last vestiges of the Portuguese heritage of the city and its Holy Week. The age and creator of these small chapels is unknown, although due to their external shape they could date back to the 18th Century.


Its simple altar with whitewashed walls, with no other ornamentation, has been replaced by tile panels depicting the scene where, according to the Bible, Jesus fell for the second time, which traditionally is the seventh station of the Via Sacra.